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Cari amici,

I couldn’t be prouder to sit down and write you. Today we’re officially announcing our 10th Anniversary Season, and what a year it will be. From classics of Shakespearean proportions to sizzling new works, it’s a season with something for everyone – and I think it truly lives up to the landmark year it is for us.

Starting us off this Fall, will be our fifth production of a play by William Shakespeare (our first history play), Henry V. Armed only with their masks, their wits, and the words, six actors will do battle with one of Shakespeare’s most theatrical plays. With a little Commedia magic, they’ll bring over 50 characters to life in a flurry of kings, clowns, battles, Frenchmen, and leafy green vegetables! This will run Oct. 19 thru Nov 11, 2018.

Henry V
Next up, in February 2019, will be a World Premiere workshop of Niki Daly’s beloved children’s book, Bravo, Zan Angelo! Adapted for stage by company member, John Bellomo. This workshop will bring the story of a budding actor in Renaissance Venice to theatrical life for the first time. For three showings only, audiences will get a sneak peek at this classic in the making, and get to discuss the piece with the creative team afterward. These public performances will be Feb. 23-25, 2019, as DC’s official event in celebration of 10th International Commedia dell’Arte Day.

Bravo, Zan Angelo!
By Spring, we will bring you another Tenth -- our 10th Annual “Fool For All”: Tales of Pasta, Proscuitto, and Future. Brace yourselves for a hilarious trip down memory lane, when we celebrate ten years of original Commedia; reprising fan favorite scenes, while making some new memories too.

10th Annual Fool For All: Tales of Pasta, Prosciutto, and Future
Finally, we will end the season with a BANG! in The Great Commedia Hotel Murder Mystery. Zanni bellhops, Femme fatales, hidden clues, mustachioed detectives, and more make this one for the books. In the grand tradition of Agatha Christie, Clue, Sherlock Holmes, and other classics, this brand new whodunnit will keep everyone guessing until the very end! Don’t miss your chance to see it, April 26-May 19, 2019.

The Great Commedia Hotel Murder Mystery
In addition to the work we’ll be doing on stage, a year for the Fools wouldn’t be complete without our continuing touring and education work. We’re looking forward to another year of spreading the silly word, and teaching students young and old about the rigors and rewards of Commedia dell’Arte – Theatre of the Professional.

When we started this company nearly ten years ago now, there was no way you could convince me we’d still be here after a decade of the kind of work that we are all proudest of. I have always, and will always attribute that success and longevity to you! The appetite of DC theatregoers is vast and voracious – and I couldn’t be happier that you're still hungry for our brand of physical storytelling and the kind of exciting, hilarious, ensemble-based productions that you’ve come to expect from us.

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Thank you from the bottom of my foolish heart.
We’ll see you at the theatre.

Paul Reisman
Producing Artistic Director