Quattro Scenari: Four Scenes of Foolery

Quattro Scenari 2012 Image
The Corner Store
900 South Carolina Ave SE WDC 20003
3pm and 8pm

February 25, 2012

Back by popular demand after last year's sold-out show!
Faction of Fools Theatre Company presents Quattro Scenari: Four Scenes of Foolery
as DC's local celebration for Commedia dell'Arte Day.

Commedia dell'Arte Day is a worldwide theatre celebration that Faction of Fools organizes every February 25th on behalf of the international cultural association SAT. Last year, Faction of Fools coordinated over 60 events on all seven continents—including Antarctica!

Theatre companies around the world will be performing their own versions of the same four scenari (or scenes), which are available at the Faction of Fools website.  Contributed by leading Commedia practitioners like Antonio Fava (author of The Comic Mask in the Commedia dell'Arte) and Barry Grantham (author of Playing Commedia), the four scenari depict some of the classic situations of Commedia: bragging contests, declarations of love,
taunts, tricks, and scenes of grandiose confusion.

Come celebrate with the world by watching the Faction do what they do best: fooling!
Don't be left out in the cold! Get your tickets today.

Directed by Paul Edward Hope, Paul Reisman, and Rachel Spicknall.

Saturday, February 25, 2012
The Corner Store
900 South Carolina Ave SE WDC 20003
3pm and 8pm

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