Quattro Scenari: Four Scenes of Foolery

Quattro Scenari Image

Mead Theatre Lab
916 G St NW, Washington DC 20001

February 25, 2011

Faction of Fools Theatre Company presents Quattro Scenari: Four Scenes of Foolery
as DC's local celebration for Commedia dell'Arte Day.

Commedia dell'Arte Day is a worldwide theatre celebration that Faction of Fools organizes every February 25th on behalf of the international cultural association SAT. Last year, Faction of Fools coordinated 86 events on six continents. This year, even Antarctica will celebrate Commedia dell'Arte Day thanks to scientists at South Pole Station who are excited to perform their own show.

Theatre companies around the world will be performing their own versions of the same four scenari (or scenes), which are available at the Faction of Fools website.  Contributed by leading Commedia practitioners like Antonio Fava (author of The Comic Mask in the Commedia dell'Arte) and Barry Grantham (author of Playing Commedia), the four scenari depict some of the classic situations of Commedia: bragging contests, declarations of love,
taunts, tricks, and scenes of grandiose confusion.

The Fools' version in DC, Quattro Scenari: Four Scenes of Foolery, is directed by
Toby Mulford with Masks by Antonio Fava.

The performance will be followed by a reception.