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The Great One-Man Commedia Epic

The Great One-Man
Commedia Epic

Created and Performed by
Matthew R. Wilson°*

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The Washington Post raves,
“Take the kids, take the parents;
this is refined clowning with an appealingly personable touch.”
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DCMTA gives The Great One-Man Commedia Epic ★★★★★,
and raves, “who doesn't love being told a story by a master storyteller?”
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DC Theatre Scene raves,
“Never has multi-personality disorder looked like such fun.”
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The Great One–Man Commedia Epic—originally commissioned in 2004 for Italy's 20th Annual Stage Internazionale—has toured theatres, festivals, and schools throughout the States and Europe, including performances in New York City, London, and the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. In The Great One–Man Commedia Epic, actor/writer/director Matthew R. Wilson single-handedly brings to life the entire cast of 12 characters drawn from the historical Commedia dell'Arte. The story is the classic story of Italian Renaissance comedy: Young lovers have their lives thrown into chaos as their wedding plans are threatened by squabbling fathers, boasting war heroes, and a host of well-meaning but dim-witted servants. The entire town is drawn to the brink of tragedy before love prevails, normalcy is restored, and comedy triumphs.

The story is still recognizable and entertaining today as these charming personalities struggle to survive, and the audience simultaneously delights in watching Wilson struggle to control his rambunctious cast. Playing both sides of classic comic double-handers, staging raucous scenes of full–company hysteria, and even dueling himself, Wilson creates an entire world on a bare stage, with only the aid of a versatile costume by Jessica Wegener and traditional Commedia dell'Arte masks, designed and hand-crafted in leather by the world–renowned Antonio Fava!

A treat for avant–garde theatre fans, scholars of dramatic history, and the fun–loving child in all of us, this remarkable event is sure to please anyone who wants to see how modern comedy began 500 years ago as well as those who are looking for laughs today.

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Matthew R. Wilson is the Artistic Director of Faction of Fools Theatre Company and one of America's leading experts in Commedia dell'Arte, which he studied, taught, and performed with Antonio Fava in Italy for eight years before founding Faction of Fools. He is the International Coordinator of SAT's worldwide Commedia dell'Arte Day every February 25th, and his published writings include two chapters on theatre history in the The Routledge Companion to Commedia dell'Arte (Routledge, 2014) as well as the play A Commedia Christmas Carol (Playscripts, Inc., 2013). Matt has toured Europe and North America with his The Great One-Man Commedia Epic and has collaborated internationally on countless Commedia dell'Arte productions. He is a Certified Teacher with the SAFD and a freelance union director (SDC) and actor (AEA, SAG–AFTRA) who has played on numerous New York and regional stages as well as in a variety of screen projects, including appearing opposite Kevin Spacey in the Netflix original series House of Cards. Matt is an Adjunct Professor of Acting at George Washington University and George Mason University and has been a guest artist/lecturer at NYU, Columbia, and Northwestern, as well as numerous colleges, schools, and festivals across the country. He holds a BA from Columbia University and an MFA from The Academy for Classical Acting and is currently pursuing a PhD in Theatre & Perforamnce Studies at The University of Maryland.